Our Mission & Vision

Purpose: Why do we exist?  We exist to delight in and glorify God.
Mission: What kind of people do we desire to be?  We strive to be gospel centered disciple makers.
Vision: What keeps us on the right track?  We intend to be a multiplying church, replicating ourselves, our ministries, and our church by embracing the following 5 values:
The valuing of God above all else, founded upon the truth of His worth, expressed through honest praise, transparent repentance and loving obedience.
Biblical Transformation
Teaching, treasuring and submitting to God’s word as our ultimate authority.
Focused dependence and obedience to the leadership of Jesus manifested in individual, small group and corporate prayer.
Loving and serving each other well, while building bridges with our community by being humble, relatable and loving towards all.
Disciple Making
Theologically rich and substantially practical life-on-life mentoring that results in training and sending more disciple makers.